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    Shine above the rest with our new online tutoring system. It aims to put you in the top 30%. Be prepared for an exciting new experience when you attend the iSchool 3D Virtual Reality Campus.

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The iSchool Advantage A virtual world of Multiple Possibilities


Easy to read

Our courseware includes beautiful graphs and exquisite typography. This makes it easy to follow.


Easy to use

The system takes the hassle out of studying. It tracks all your work and puts you totally in control.


Easy to do

Our flexible training system allows you to study at your own pace and at times that suit your lifestyle.


High School Tutoring

Special introductory offer for a limited period. Please note these are not (rip off, sneaky) trial versions but genuine product samples of our courseware.

English Study Capsules for High School level  - FREE OFFER - Limited period

Tutoring that supports you 24/7

iSchool is just like a tutor that is always on hand to  help you  with your existing school studies.  

iSchool Curriculum

  • icon English
  • icon History
  • icon Science
  • icon Maths
  • icon Languages
Our tutoring makes doing those assignments and exams easier by giving you exactly the information needed to pass, and what an examiner expects you to know.
History studies can be encapsulated in a way that students are able elaborate what they have learned with a framework of dates and geographical locations.
We cover Physics, Chemistry and Biology in an exciting 3D context of Nature, Environment, and the Animal and Plant World.
Our maths tutoring incorporates new training techniques, which are centred on the functionality of maths, making it easier for to grasp the underlying logic.
We deliver the subject within different contexts in the sim such as the French Cafe for practicing french conversation and the Arabic desert tutorial scenarios.

iSchool Remedial Tutoring


Put the eye onto your studies

The iSchool system allows for collaborative learning with like minded individuals in a 3D setting. 


Ogranise your studies 

iSchool's system allows students to take control and set agendas and timetables for their study periods.


Keep track of your work

The system enables you to collate and store your work for easy reference in the future when exam time come around.


inside iSchool

  • Become an Avatar and take off +

    It is a virtual extension of yourself, like controlling a robot. You can change your dress and appearance to suit your mood. Read More
  • Create your Avatar and fly +

    Simultaneous video and audio combined with immersive 3D technology allows you to interact with real teachers and students. Read More
  • Great Training Facilities +

    There are colourful and exciting tools for teachers. These allow our students to receive truly outstanding lesson delivery in a colourful and picturesque scenario Read More
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Being an iSchool AVATAR also means having fun whilst you study

  • Create your Avatar

    We help you design a cool version of yourself.
  • Make great friends

    Meet like-minded people who are studying just like yourself.
  • Make use of the learning resources

    A rich array of learning tools.
  • Work on group projects

    You don't have to study alone - work and study together.
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